Assessor's Property Data


For Selected Cities & Towns Only

  Property data includes a comprehensive set of details on the size, use and location of the property including gross tax, age of the building, ownership, structural characteristics and nature of amenities, such as number of parking spaces, bathrooms, etc.
  Item # Data Item  
1 Parcel Id
2 Street Number
3 Street Name
4 Street Name Suffix
5 Unit Number
6 Zipcode
7 Property Type
8 Land Use
9 Own Occupied
10 Own Name
11 Mail Address
12 Mail Zipcode
13 Average Land Area
14 Average Bldg. Area
15 Average Total
16 Gross Tax
17 Land Sq.Ft.
18 Year Built
19 Year Remodeled
20 Gross Area
21 Living Area
22 Number of Floors