Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used. Dr. Carl Sagan

Diversity of skills

Boston Studies Group gets the latest and most reliable information to extract the required dataset and develop the best informational profiles, graphs and maps for you. Also included is a wide variety of images on Metro Boston's significant characteristics: places, people, events, and seasons.

Years of Experience in the following Products and Services:

  • Trade Area Profiles

    Data compilation on retail market will use the latest retail market data and business facts. Datasets will be provided in Excel worksheets, with or without edits.

  • Demographic Analysis

    Demographic profiles for one or more places and for specific time periods are available for a number of variables and also as estimates for the latest year.

  • Thematic Mapping

    Get the right kind of maps with detail and clarity produced by cartographers or GIS specialists conforming to your needs of content, size and format.

  • Images of Urban Study

    Images are produced by Boston Studies Group or its contractors. Boston Studies Group will provide the most appropriate set of images within the time constraints allowed.

  • Presentation Assistance

    In addition to integrating the four key elements of tables, charts, maps and images in an effective manner, BSG can assist you with your choice of presentation media in order to produce the most effective impact on your audience.

  • Small Business Trends

    Study of retail markets and compilation of business facts for any geographic area are critical for the local entrepreneurs we are committed to support.

  • Housing Market Analysis

    Study of the composition of existing and new housing stock with reference to their location and market conditions is an important area that is undertaken by experienced analysts and housing specialists.

  • Compilation of Datasets

    You provide the title of the table, its geography and the year. Boston Studies Group will send you the dataset in its simplest form, unedited in a format that suits you.